• [workshop] Analyzing Twitter Influence Networks

    MisinfosecUK is putting on a workshop at Newspeak House on Monday, November 14th. For this first session, we’ll be collecting data using Twint and generating graph visualizations using Gephi. ​This workshop is for anyone interested in learning how to map out disinformation campaigns and influence networks on Twitter using open-source tools. We’ll be going through…

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  • 16 June 2022- misinfosecUK meetup

    misinfosecUK is hosting its first meetup on Thursday June 16th, 2022! The aim of these meetups is for anyone interested in studying and fighting mis/disinformation to meet fellow researchers and practitioners from a variety of backgrounds: journalism, cybersecurity, civic tech, academia. misinfosecUK is an emerging community of practice aiming to bring together researchers from different…

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